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What People Are Saying

I have never used storage before but an unfortunate emergency came up and these guys were able to accomodate me quickly, affordably and with a smile!
I love the peace of mind I get from having my collections stored in temperature controlled units.
Robert Michaels
The manager helped me a lot with finding the right unit, and the price was great!
Oleg Gutsolov
I have trouble with lifting, so the drive-up unit is perfect for me
Thank you for assisting me with the rental of my storage locker. I appreciated the courteous service and patience in explaining the process.
Thank You for everything you do for me and my company. It say' a lot about your service and commitment to excellence!
Depotium has been my go-to place for years. They take care of me, and I love the move-in van
Steve Ham
Thanks to Depotium for taking care of my belongings when I travelled to Mexico for 6 months. Awesome.
Susan Pickering