Car Storage Solutions

Car Storage

10’ x 20’ 
This size can store most cars & smaller vehicles.

Truck Storage

20’ x 30’ 
Equivalent to a larger garage for storing trucks.

Motorcycle Storage

5’ x 10’ 
Smaller units can accommodate motorcycles.

Boat Storage

Indoor & outdoor boat storage available depending on size.

RVs & Trailors

Outdoor parking available for RVs & Trailers.

Recreational Vehicles

Sea-Doo, Snowmobiles, Dirt Bikes, ATV’s, you name it, and we will store it.


Vehicle Storage Near You


Drive Up Car Storage

Our drive-up storage units are perfect if you are looking for indoor car storage and motorcycle storage, keeping your vehicle safe from the elements and harsh winter conditions.

Winter car storage is crucial for keeping your much loved classic car or sports car safe until the spring. We offer units large enough to accommodate most cars and vehicles such as ATV’s and 4 wheelers.

Outdoor Vehicle Parking

For larger vehicles we offer outdoor car storage and outdoor parking perfect to accommodate your vehicle storage needs.

This is great for trucks, trailers, limousines, even boat storage and RV storage.



No, on average a car is roughly 15 feet. Therefore we recommend a storage unit that is at least 20 feet long and 10 feet wide.  

If you are unsure, measure the length and width of your car and one of our auto storage experts can help you find the right space.     

Yes, you can store a car in a storage unit. Many car storage solutions offer drive-up storage units, allowing you to simply drive your car right in.  

You can talk to one of our storage experts to determine what size unit you require for your car.     

You should only park your car in a unit that has been designed to store a car. Fortunately, many locations will have storage units that are specifically designed to park your car. You can talk to one of our storage experts to determine what size unit you require for your car.    

A small, sub-contact car will typically require a storage unit no smaller than 10x20 feet. In general, you should overestimate how much space you need. Call our vehicle storage experts to determine what size is best to fit your car.   

Preparing your car for long term storage is simple, just follow our checklist for useful tips:  

  • Store vehicle on an even concrete or asphalt  
  • Close air vents and seal exhaust pipe  
  • Wash your car inside and out  
  • Use moisture control system on interior  
  • Change your oil before storing your car  
  • Ensure all tires properly inflated  
  • Add protection to wiper blades  
  • Find nice protective car cover

The best place to store a car is at a location that is climate controlled. Protection from the elements allows your car to avoid damage while in storage. Additionally, you should look for a storage option that offers 24/7 security and easy and convenient access for you to get to the car when needed. 

Although there is no limit to how long you can safely keep a car in storage, you will need to spark the battery about once a week to avoid it dying. If you are unable to do that, you are best to remove the battery from the car and safely store it separately. By doing that, you can expect to be able to safely store the car and battery for about 6-months. After that time, you run the risk of the battery dying.    

If you are storing a car for a long time, it is recommended to remove the battery and store it safely to keep it from dying during storage. Otherwise the car should be run once so often to ensure the battery remains charged.  

What’s the best way to store tires? 

  • There are a few things to consider for the best ways to store tires.  
  • You should make sure that the tires are clean of debris before storing.  
  • You should store tires in a climate-controlled unit that is dry and not in direct sunlight.  
  • If possible, put each tire in a cover so that the tire is stored outside of the light.  
  • Finally, try not to stack the tires. Place them standing upright, free from weight on top of them.

10’ x 10’ storage units tend to be the most popular. They offer 100 sq feet of storage, which is equivalent to a single bedroom. This can usually accommodate enough storage for two average sized rooms.

You do not need to deflate your tires when storing. It is far more important to make sure your tires are clean of debris and not in direct sunlight.

There is no single answer to how long you can store tires before they rot. It depends on how they are stored. However, if you store the tires in a climate-controlled environment, cover each one to protect it from light damage and avoid stacking tires on top of each other, you safely store them for a significant amount of time – certainly over the course of a typical winter. 

How long tires can sit unused really depends on how they are stored. If you store the tires in a climate-controlled environment, cover each one to protect it from light damage and avoid stacking tires on top of each other, they can safely sit unused for a significant amount of time – certainly over the course of a typical winter.

Our pricing is visible and can be found directly on our Access Storage website. We are constantly having storage promotions that help you save!    

Once you find the Car Storage location that interests you, all you need to do is click the ”Outdoor Parking” filter and instantly see our vehicle storage prices.  

Safe Auto Storage with 24/7 Security

Depotium is proud to offer Automobile Storage in Quebec. Our Depotium Parking facilities are safe, secure, and gated. Our Car Parking lots are clean and accessible 24/7 with each customer receiving a unique entry code. 

Advantages of our Vehicle Storage

Depotium has indoor and outdoor automobile storage at select stores. Store your car, truck, SUV, or RV in secure and climate controlled indoor units or economic outdoor spaces.  

If you want peace of mind when storing your vehicle, choose Depotium. Some of the benefits of our car storage include:  

  • Heated Storage Units  
  • Drive-Up Units  
  • 24/7 Access to our storage facilities  
  • Indoor & Outside Options  
  • Large outdoor parking spaces  
  • Gated Parking Lots  
  • Safe & Secure  

Depotium has storage facilities across Quebec for your cars and vehicles. We are proud to offer affordable car storage in Quebec and our Reservation Centre will be happy to help you find the unit that fits your budget.  

Winter Tire Storage

Our smaller storage units offer a great solution for winter tire storage. Safe space in your garage this winter and store your tires with us.  

Perfect for people living in condos and apartments who do not allow tires to be stored in their parking spots. Winter tire storage does not need to be a hassle where you live.  

Benefits of winter tire storage  

  • Save space  
  • Seasonal storage  
  • Store multiple sets  
  • Protects from elements  
  • Access anytime  

Store your tires for the winter and pick them up in the spring! Whether you are looking for winter tire storage near you, or storing summer tires during the winter months, we offer low cost tire storage for you.