RV Storage & Trailer Storage

Depotium Mini-Entrepôt is proud to offer RV Storage in Quebec. Our Depotium Mini-Entrepôt Parking facilities are safe, secure, and gated. Our RV Parking lots are clean and accessible 24/7 with each customer receiving a unique entry code. 

Our Trailer Parking lots are clean and accessible 24/7 with each customer receiving a unique entry code.

Where should I store my RV when not in use?

If you want peace of mind when storing your RV when not in use, choose Depotium Mini-Entrepôt. Some of the benefits of our RV storage include:

  • Large outdoor parking spaces
  • Gated Parking Lots
  • 24/7 Access to our storage facilities

Outdoor RV Storage 

Depotium Mini-Entrepôt has storage facilities in Canada for your RV. We are proud to offer affordable RV storage in Canada and our Reservation Centre will be happy to help you find the unit that fits your budget.

Our outdoor parking solutions are perfect for larger RV’s and campers. Rest easy knowing that your trailer is stored safely and securely.

There is plenty of room in our parking facilities able to accommodate various size RV’s, campers and trailers for storage. If you are unsure if we can accommodate your RV for storage please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Outdoor Trailer Storage

For smaller trailers and campers outdoor trailer storage solutions offer a flexible option for storage during the winter. 

We offer heated and climate controlled facilities that are great for anything you don’t want stored in your RV outside during the winter.

We have drive-up storage units that make unloading your RV for storage simple and easy.

RV Storage Preparation Checklist

  1. Remove sheets and textiles. As well as any cloth or fabrics to reduce risk of mold

  2. To help control humidity, use moisture control products

  3. Make sure interior is dry

  4. Empty water tank

  5. Fill fuel tank to help prevent corroding

  6. Remove battery so it doesn’t drain

  7. Close off any openings and gaps

  8. Get a proper weather cover

How much does it cost to store a large RV? 

Pricing and cost of RV storage varies depending on your needs, we are constantly having various promos and storage unit deals that will help you save!

Our pricing is visible and can be found directly on our Depotium Mini-Entrepôt website. Once you find the RV Storage location that interests you, all you need to do is click the ”Outdoor Parking” filter and instantly see our trailer storage prices.

Parking your RV for the winter

Storing your RV for the winter can be tough, but rest assured our professional staff and secure locations will ensure your camper will be waiting for you next season.

If this is your first time looking for RV storage, do not hesitate to reach out for any questions you may have or if you are looking for other storage solutions like Boat Storage, Car Storage or Motorcycle Storage.

Popular RV storage locations:

St-Jérôme RV Storage

Trois-Rivières RV Storage

Longueuil RV Storage

Montreal RV Storage